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Year 2 Science Museum Visit- (June 2015)

On Thursday 25th June 2015, 2R and 2G went to the Science Museum, where we visited the space gallery, where we saw astronaut suits, they looked really big. We also saw an image of Buzz Aldrin standing on top of the moon. It was very exciting to see how the astronauts must have seen the moon for the first time. We then met an astronaut named Svetlana Savitskaya who told us how it felt to wear a spacesuit. The spacesuit she was wearing looked uncomfortable; we would never want to get into a space suit! She told us that Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go into space and the first man to go into space was Yuri Gagarin. After this, we all ate our lunch together in a picnic area and then made our way back to the main entrance where we met 2G and made our way back to school.

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