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Kew Gardens (October 2014)

We were lucky enough to visit the beautiful Kew Gardens and participated in an organised workshop and activity tour on Tropical rainforests. In these sessions, the children were taken on a multi-sensory journey through the rainforest.  They gained a first-hand immersive experience, exploring the sights and smells of the amazing variety of rainforest plants located in Kew’s historic Palm House.

The focus of our educational visit to Kew Gardens is to support and enhance the Topic and Science curriculum we are currently studying at school.  Throughout the activity tour, children had the opportunity to identify the location and conditions of the rainforest using appropriate vocabulary, compare and contrast the similarities and difference between a rainforest and temperate habitat, for example climate, location, people and resources, recognise environments can change and that this sometimes poses dangers to living things, for example human impact (both positive and negative), explore how plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways, understand the importance of rainforests (products, food, medicines and biodiversity) and the need to conserve these as well as consider issues such as deforestation, sustainability and fair-trading.

In the workshop the children worked scientifically by observing, investigating and analysing rainforest products, discussing the importance of the rainforest to our everyday life, raising their own questions about the world around them. As you can see, we all thoroughly enjoyed our day out!