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Earlham's Spelling Bee 2017

We're holding our second  Earlham 'Spelling Bee' on Wednesday 22nd November. The words for each year group are those that children are expected to know by the end of each year (or, for Year 3 children by the end of Year 4 and for Year 5 children by the end of Year 6). Please help your child to learn as many of their year group spellings as they can, starting from the beginning of the list. We hope that most children will be able to learn to spell at least most of the words but if you’re not sure how many of these words you should be helping your child to learn then please ask your child’s class teacher. We want every child to learn to spell the best he or she can. There will be a prize for the best speller in each year group. 

For the spelling list see below: