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Our youngest pupils (3½ to 5 years) are accommodated in the Foundation suite, which is divided into two main areas—the nursery and the reception unit.

The Foundation stage consists of the nursery, which is part-time and accommodates 52 pupils - 26 in the morning and 26 in the afternoon—and
two reception classes.

Infant children (5 to 7 years: Key Stage 1) are accommodated in classrooms on the ground floor of the main school, and the classrooms of older children (7 to 11 years: Key Stage 2) are on the upper floor.

Picture of kids in the playground

Picture of kids in the playground

The main school takes up to 45 children each year and has nine classes. However, the school will be expanding to a two form entry (two classes per year group) from September 2013.

This expansion in classes will begin from Year 1 and will filter up the school over the course of four years.