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Family Fridays

Our Nursery and Reception are open for Family Fridays! These are sessions where parents come into class with their child and hear about what they have been learning and take part in a lesson together with their child. They are a friendly and welcoming way for parents to find out what we are teaching, see how we teach it, and then get tips for how to continue the learning at home.

Here are some of our top tips from recent Family Fridays.


We teach children to read using synthetic phonics. We start by teaching them one sound at a time. Parents come in and join in our lessons. They hear how we pronounce each sound and how we blend them to make a word, and we talk through the phonics homework for that week, so our parents and carers know how to support their child at home.


Early maths is the first step in key life number skills. Our maths lead helps parents understand how children learn to count, add, subtract and understand shapes and measures. Our early maths learning involves lots of fun, hands on activities - and some of it is messy!  We give parents lots of ideas for supporting fun maths learning at home as well.

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