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Knowledge Organisers

Y6 Science Knowledge Organiser Evolution and Inheritance(1)

What are knowledge organisers?

These are a one page summary of the key facts and vocabulary for each science, history, geography and RE unit. These are the facts that children need to know so they can build on this learning in future years.

Knowledge organisers help pupils remember their learning. Children learn the facts and vocab in lessons, and are then quizzed on these throughout their time with us.

The knowledge that they learn at Earlham will help children continue their learning not just in primary school but into secondary school and beyond.

How can you use these to help your learning at home?

Parents, you can help your child by reading the knowledge organisers with them, talking to them about what they have read, and quizzing your children on it over the term. You could:

- ask your child to tell you the meaning of some of the vocabulary 

- ask them to draw diagrams / pictures / maps and label them

- encourage them to do their own research on the topic.

The children will have fun quizzes in class to test how many facts from the knowledge organisers they know.

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