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Museum of London's Time Truck (November 2017)

The Museum of London Timetruck  made a second visit to Earlham  on 9th November.

As in April, this was a wonderful opportunity for Earlham pupils to have first hand experiences that enhanced their learning. This time all pupils from Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 took part in hands on learning sessions in Timetruck. These sessions were linked to the  current topics in each year group;  for Year 3 Digging Up London (Romans), for Year 4 Health & Diet (Animals inc. humans) and for Year 5 Cleaning Up History (Building a City).

Pupils spoke with enthusiasm about their experience of Timetruck and one Year 5 boy explained 'In Timetruck we did activities that help us to keep the information stored in our brains' and another gave a detailed account of what he'd learned about the Victorian improvements to sanitation and the risks to health 'in the olden days' from drinking water from the Thames before the 'pipe' was installed.

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