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Tower of London Trip - Year 2 (October 2017)

On 11th October Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic day at the Tower of London as part of our London topic. Even the journey to get there was exciting - we saw many of the landmark buildings we have been learning about - including the Gherkin, the Shard, Tower Bridge and the Walkie Talkie. Once there we went to see the Crown Jewels and saw the soldiers who guard them. They wear very big furry hats and march up and down. We met some Beefeaters who told us all about living in the Tower, and we saw the site where many prisoners were beheaded. We climbed up the White Tower and saw the armour of many kings and princes - and their horses! We saw an amazing dragon that an artist has created using some of the armour and treasure stored in the Tower. We climbed all over the battlements and saw several of the special private chambers of old kings - and the Bloody Tower where prisoners were tortured! We learnt so much about the history of the Tower, and of England, and the next day at school we did some fantastic writing about what we learnt. Our trip really brought history to life for us.

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