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Midday Staff CPD

CPD training for our midday staff involved enjoying the new life size playground games and resolving conflicts using questions and positive language linked to our school values. The role playing left everyone in tears of laughter!

Here are a couple of the scenarios we discussed to resolve effectively and enacted:

Senario 1

A couple of rowdy Year 6 pupils have just finished eating their lunch in the dinner hall and have just stood up leaving mess around.

Why is this an issue?

Which is the best response to use?

  • “You can’t go out, until you have cleared all this rubbish”.
  • “When you have cleared up, then you can go out to play”.


Senario 2

Pupil A has a history of being confrontational and getting involved in behaviour disputes.

You observe pupil A push pupil B and you immediately point a finger to pupil A and give him a red card.

  • What alternative positive action could have been taken at this point?

Once the red card was issued, pupil A muttered a swear word under her breath.

At this point, should you say:

  • “You rude girl”.
  • “I don’t like it when children swear and it makes me feel angry when I hear such words”.
  • “Don’t say disgusting words like that ever again”.


What coping strategies could you give to pupil A? 

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