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Nursery home learning

Hello from Ms Ashraf

Ms Ashraf has a daily message and some ideas for fun things to do at home

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Story time

Watch and listen to a member of our fabulous Early Year team read a story

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Recap our sounds and practise blending them to make a word

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There are loads of ways you can help your child to practice their writing. Use the sound mats and letter formation rhymes we use at school - these are shown below this section. And if you have a printer you can print out the writing worksheets to do at home.

When your child is writing words, please support them to say each sound first - they can use their Fred fingers - and then write each sound, and then read the whole word to you.

Sound mat with letter formation rhymes

Today's ideas for home learning

Here are some easy and fun activities to do with your child. Anyone at home can do these with the children - parents, big sisters and brothers, anyone else who lives in your home - get everyone involved!

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Nursery rhymes

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Sing along at home!

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More ideas for home learning

Here are some ideas for home learning across all the Nursery curriculum areas. Do send us pictures of your child doing any of these activities! Email them to eps-homelearning@ekotrust.org.uk

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Get active

Try this fun movement activity. There are loads more at Mr Derbyshire's Get Active section - click here to see them

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Story time

Watch and listen to a story 

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Fun with maths

Can you see where the monkey is?

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Writing worksheets

Maths worksheets

Our home learning in Nursery

Here are some pictures of the learning we have been doing at home

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