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A special message from Ms Robinson about meeting your new teacher

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Our latest newsletter has more information about our exciting plans for the last week of school. Look out for our email inviting your child in for a half day session to meet their new teacher


Your English work is on Google Classroom, so log on now and hand it in by 3.30pm


Your maths work is on your Google Classroom, and is due to be handed in by 3.30pm. Log on now!

Sports Week

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I Can Be@home

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I Can Be is a special programme for Year 3 girls which introduces them to a range of women working in different industries to encourage them to think widely about their education and career choices including astronauts and scientists and business experts. As a result of the lockdown these meetings will now be happening online. You can meet a new professional every Friday - just click the link below.

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Our home learning gallery

Here's the latest work you have sent in - keep it up superstars! 

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