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After school clubs

We provide a wide range of before and after school activities. These vary from time to time, depending on staff skills and interests, or what we can arrange with people available in Newham. Clubs are important because they are a ‘fun’ way of extending your child’s interests and special talents. Clubs that are currently available are shown below and a timetable for these can be found on the children’s notice board in the lower corridor or playground.


ICT Club:

ICT Club are exploring the use of sound effects in a video and how sound effects changes our viewing experience. We started with a cartoon clip without sound and added sound to it.

Original Video

Usman's Video


School library and bookshop

We have a well-stocked school library. Children visit the library during the school day to borrow and return books. Another rota for using the library for study or quiet reading is also organised, and there is a reading club at lunchtimes. Please encourage your child to make good use of the library and to look after the books that they borrow.
Unfortunately, if a book is damaged or lost, we have to ask parents to pay for the cost of replacement, but this does not happen when parents help their child to care properly for borrowed books.
We also have occasional book fairs, run by governors or external organisations. When the dates are announced please come in and buy a book for your child yourself.

Book Fair

We hold two book fairs during the year which are always very popular.

Boys playing foorball

Children in the classroom

Children playing football

Children preparing food

Children doing some gardering