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Earlham Primary School Staff List:

Senior Leadership (SLT)

Ms Laura Hewer (MA) Head Teacher Lead responsibility for Learning and Teaching, Performance Management, CPD, Curriculum Development, SLT, (staff governor)
Ms Natalie Robinson (MA) Deputy Head Teacher Lead responsibility for teaching and Learning, SLT, ITT, interim Literacy Lead,class teacher (staff governor)
Mr Jacob Oudegeest Assistant Head Teacher Lead responsibility for Assessment and Attendance, SLT, Phase 4 leader, year 6 teacher
Ms Kay Harney Inclusion Leader Lead responsibility for Inclusion, Safeguarding, Support Staff, Medical, SLT
Mrs Saima Khan SLT, NQT mentor, KS2 Maths Lead, Phase 3 Leader
Mrs Adila Ashraf (MA) Class Teacher, EYFS Leader, Lead responsibility for SMSC, RE and Collective Worship, British Values, SLT

PHASE 4 (Years 5 and 6)

6P Mr Chris Peake Humanities Leader, Class Teacher
6/5W Mr Daniel Wilcox (MA) Lead responsibility for Science, Class Teacher
5D Mr Luke Derbyshire Class teacher
Ph 4 Ms Mercy Amotin Senior Teacher Assistant (EAL)
  Mrs Kasia Manka Q Teacher Assistant

PHASE 3 (Years 3 and 4)

4P Miss Saliha Patel Class Teacher (NQT)
4G Mrs Beata Gasca Class Teacher (NQT)
3J Ms Jasline Anthony Class Teacher (3 days)
3J Ms Natalie Robinson Class Teacher (2 days)
3AS Ms Saima Ahmed (MA) Class Teacher (3days)
3As Ms Jane Swan Class Teacher (2 days)
3As Ruzi Begum Teacher Assistant (SEN)

PHASE 2 (Years 1 and 2)

2A Ms Halimah Ahmed Class Teacher
2R Ms Laura Rigby Lead responsibility for KS1 Maths, Year 2 Leader, Class Teacher
1W Ms Jane Woolley Class Teacher
1O Miss Sheila Obeng-Atakora Lead Responsibilty for Music and PE, Class Teacher
1W Mrs Raj Plaha Q Teacher Assistant
2R Ms Rita Ilmane Q Teacher Assistant
2A Mrs Kanwal Sheikh Q Teacher Assistant/Reading Recovery/Website
2A Ms Shahana Matin Q Teacher Assistant
1O Yewah Dennis Q Teacher Assistant
  Mariam Mohammed Q Teacher Assistant (SEN)
  Veronica Moral Q Teacher Assistant (SEN)
  Carol Conn Q Teacher Assistant (SEN)
  Ms. Anju Bhardwaj Q Teacher Assistant

PHASE 1 (Foundation Stage)

RH Mr Stuart Hart Class Teacher
RP Ms Rubina Pervin Class Teacher
RH Ms Rochna Khanom Q Teacher Assistant
RH Mrs Rahima Islam Q SEN Teacher Assistant
RP Ms Sayema Begum Q Teacher Assistant
Nursery Mrs Adila Ashraf Class Teacher
N Ms Jo Singleton Q Nurseery Nurse
N Ms Lucy Vitalis Teacher Assistant
Phase 1 Mrs Alison Russell Lead Responsibility for Enhanced Learning, Cover and Reception intervention Teacher

Support Staff

  Ms Sarosh Hayat Teacher Assistant/ Resources
  Mrs Musarat Rashid Pupil and Family Support Worker, Child Protection Lead
  Ms Shahina Ali Senior Teacher Assistant - Child Protection Support
  Ms Jo Harding Senior Teacher Assistant (Autism)
  Ms Pascale Brondy French Teacher
  Ms Jasmine Virdi Senior Teacher Assistant (Pastoral Support and Intervention)

Non-teaching Staff

  Mr Mazher Khan School Business Manager
  Mrs Mewe Mechese
Office Manager
  Ms Sharmin Aziz Office Administrator/Attendance
  Mr Glenn Perrin ICT Technical and Learning Resources Manager
  Ms Jackie Holmes
First-Aid Coordinator/Q Teacher Assistant/Resources Manager
  Mr Chris Mundee
Site Supervisor
  Ms Shuzna Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
  Mrs Terri Cook
Lunchtime Supervisor
  Ms Razna Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
  Ms Safiqa Bhad Lunchtime Supervisor
  Ms Mehzabhin Patel Lunchtime Supervisor
  Ms Salaha Uddin Lunchtime Supervisor
  Ms Rahena Khatun Lunchtime Supervisor
  Ms Veronica Mbwonga Lunchtime Supervisor
  Mrs Leticia Garban Lunchtime Supervisor
  Mrs Shilpa Jayakumar Lunchtime Supervisor
  Mrs Musammat Khatun Lunchtime Supervisor
  Ms V. Hirani Cleaner
  Ms Helen Imachukwu Cleaner
  Ms Savita Naran Cleaner