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Epping Forest Visit - Year 1 (Novemeber 2016)

Year 1 had an exciting day out in Epping Forest on 2nd November. We visited the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge, which was built for King Henry VIII over 450 years ago. Some of us dressed up as Tudor royals, and we saw food that they would have eaten (we found out they ate peacocks, and we're very glad we don't eat them today!). They cooked their food on big fires, as they didn't have electricity or gas.

Then we went on a nature walk with our fantastic guide, Kate. We explored the forest, looking for signs that it is autumn. We found bike and horse tracks in the mud, and acorns and red and yellow leaves on the ground. We collected some leaves and acorns to bring home. We watched the leaves falling down from all the trees in the forest, which looked amazing.

Finally we built mouse houses for animals to sleep in over winter. We used sticks, logs, leaves and bark. Some of made tiny little mouse houses in holes in tree trunks, but some of made mouse mansions! We had a great day out on our forest adventure.