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World of Work Day (June 2017)

Pupils at Earlham have been learning about the World of Work.

A team of firefighters visited Earlham and parked their fire engine in the playground while they gave  younger pupils a demonstration about use of essential pieces of equipment. Younger pupils also met our local community police officer when he came to school to talk to pupils about his job.

At our 'Careers Fair' pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 had the opportunity to ask questions of a panel of adults who do very different jobs including a doctor, a music producer, a safety steward and a journalist. 

Year 6 also met two 'Inspiring the Future' volunteers, and after a 'What's My Line' activity worked in groups to learn more about the different routes taken by these two young women to their current jobs.

Police Visit

PC Darren visited us and showed us lots of different things that police do, and talked about how we can be safe. Each class prepared questions, and found out loads of information - like how police batons work, how fast their cars can go, what crimes people commit and get arrested for, and how many police officers there are in Forest Gate. Brielle in Year 1 asked PC Darren how police officers can be so brave, and he told us it's because it's their job, and they do it to keep us safe. We think they are all heroes!

Stratford Fire Station Visit

Inspiring the Future

Earlham's Career Fair

​Earlham pupils have been learning about the 'World of Work'. Year 5 and Year 6 pupils prepared questions to ask at the 'Careers Fair'. We were very fortunate to have a range of participants in this event, who took time off from their jobs to be 'interviewed' by our pupils. Thank you to the journalist, safety steward, school office staff, head teacher, music producer and doctor who took part in this event.

Dress Up

The children also dressed up for the World of Work day.