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Pupil Premium Grant

At Earlham we expect Pupil Premium children to achieve academically in line with their peers. We know that in order for this to happen, we will need to provide extra support particularly for pupils we consider to be vulnerable. 
Our Pupil Premium families face many challenges which can directly impact on children’s achievement. Some of the main barriers to learning we have identified amongst our pupils are 

  • Limited exposure to and competency in English (whether as a first or second language)
  • Limited experiences beyond their immediate environment, particularly cultural and physical activities
  • Lack of resources at home to support learning, including quiet spaces in which to study
  • Limited confidence and experience of parents in supporting their children’s learning, depending on the schooling they themselves received
  • Poor living conditions and nutrition 

The extra support our pupil premium children need to overcome these barriers is personalised, as appropriate to the individual pupil’s needs and circumstances, and will usually draw from the activities detailed below. 
We measure the impact of our pupil premium spending by analysing the results of our pupils at a school and national level. Whilst academic interventions are for some pupils essential, the holistic support we provide to ensure all our pupils are able to fully engage with their learning is equally important for their long term success. 
Our disadvantaged children make excellent progress. Whilst many, if not all, pupils benefit from some of the activities that PP funding supports and enables, the data below shows that PP children are consistently making progress in line withtheir peers, and significantly better than the national average, being in the top 10% for reading and the top 1% for maths in the country.

You can see our strategy for the 2019-20 Pupil Premium Grant here

You can see our review of the impact of our 2018-19 Pupil Premium Grant here

Pupil Premium Attainment

KS2 combined scores – reading, writing and maths





% of PP children reaching the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics




% of PP children reaching the higher standard in reading, writing and mathematics




Allocation of Pupil Premium funding 2018-19 - £168,960



Year Group


Intended outcome

Monitored by

clubs & educational visit subsidies


All year groups

To subsidise costs of curriculum enrichment activities including Healthy Living
PP children prioritised for certain clubs 
Provide access to experiences PP children may not otherwise experience

All pupils benefit from trips and curriculum enhancement experiences in school
Increased take up of places by PP children leading to greater engagement with school
PP children develop a wider understanding of the world in line with peers


Subsidise yr 6 residential trip


Year 6

To ensure participation of all pupils

PP pupils benefit equally with peers


Year 6 Tuition English


Years 6

Teacher led tuition to directly teach skills required in test situations.
Targeted disadvantaged Y6 pupils who needed additional support in preparing for the SATs.

PP children achieve in line with peers in SATs


Year 6 Tuition Mathematics


Year 6

Pupil and Family Support Worker (contribution to salary and oncosts)


Whole school

To ensure that all pupils that are identified as vulnerable have access to family support
 To work directly with vulnerable pupils individually and in small groups 
Increasing parenting skills to directly impact upon diminishing the difference
Supporting families at admission activating early help when needed to ensure positive engagement with school
PP children who find transition challenging receive extended support and individual transition programmes

Parents receive practical support with financial and legal issues
Improvements in behaviour, learning and engagement, leading to better progress
Parents have the opportunity to develop their parenting skills 
Mid phase vulnerable families are identified and supported promptly.

Pupils adapt better to changing expectations. Likelihood of exclusion from secondary school reduced.


KH, VP team

Early Intervention specialist teacher



Focus on PP and vulnerable children, to develop speaking and listening and social skills

Pupils make faster progress and diminish the difference with peers


PP academic support

£22,592 (part fund)

Year 5

Specialist teacher to support PP children in accelerating progress

PP children meet academic targets in line with peers


Contribute to cost of attendance officers


Whole school with focus on PP 

School staff and external attendance officer target low attenders

PP children attend school in line with peers and national figures


Fund additional PP progress reviews and in class monitoring and support


All year groups

Additional discussions with class teachers/SLT re progress of PP children, in class observations of pupils to identify strategies for improvement

PP children benefit from additional consideration of their needs and a tailored approach, make progress in line with peers


Fund holidays with CCHF for identified PP children


Selected PP children

Provide a holiday experience for PP children identified as living under particular stress

Children develop confidence and resilience through tailored holiday activities provided


Cover costs of outings (and additional pay for PFSW) during holiday time for vulnerable PP children


All year groups

PFSW organises outings for vulnerable PP children during school holidays, enables monitoring of pupils

Any safeguarding concerns or change in circumstances are acted on promptly (if urgent) or picked up at the start of term, pupils able to settle quickly into school


Speech Therapist

£6,000 (part fund)

EYFS and mid phase arrivals

Early identification of and targeted work with pupils with language difficulties

Pupils make rapid progress with language enabling them to catch up with peers.


French teacher

£6,409 (part fund)

Whole school

All pupils have access to quality specialist teaching

Pupils will be confident in learning a MFL

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