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Bunny, a golden miniature cockapoo (carefully chosen for her hypoallergenic, non shedding coat, big brown eyes and sweet personality) joined Earlham just after Christmas. 

At present she is becoming familiar with her new surroundings and undergoing training so she moves around the school quietly and safely. As she matures, and as her training develops, Bunny will be used as a therapy dog to support children with emotional needs as well as listening to shy or unconfident children read. We also hope to organise and run a 'Dog Walking course' where children who want to overcome their fear of dogs learn how to both be around Bunny, and to walk her safely and happily. 

Everyone smiles when they see Bunny - her mere existence spreads joy and happiness in our school. The teachers enjoy a cuddle with her in staff meetings and the children have already written poems for her and made up songs about her... ask Zainab, Daria and Iman in Year 5 to hear their Bunny song, it's great! Children also enjoy drawing pictures of her, check out this wonderful portrait of her by Anam in Year 3!


Bunny update

Bunny is now helping boost pupil attendance!  The class with the highest attendance each week gets a vists from her and gets to help out with her training.  Here she is with Class 1B.

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